Thursday, March 16, 2006

Uba Tuba Wins!

After much deliberation, Uba Tuba is still the front runner in the grand granite discussion. It just looks so rich.

Painting is actually happening tomorrow, and the walls are going to be C2's "Radiate" with "Coconut" trim and ceiling. Tasty! Chuck, my contractor has never used C2, so I am looking forward to getting his reaction to the product.

Getting past this point will be grand, there is wallboard dust on every single surface in the house! I can honestly say that I am looking forward to doing some cleaning this weekend, and yes, THAT statement is a first.

Yesterday, I ran into a client whom I helped with many decorating projects about 15 years ago. Her twins are now seniors in high school. It just can't be true! They were little boys! What's really cool is hearing that her wool challis draperies in the den still looks as good as the day they were installed. She always chose quality materials, and this is a perfect example of how well quality can last... She's not replacing them yet, simply updating the wall treatment in there.

How many of us can say we have the same window treatments we had 15 years ago? Or even the same house?