Monday, February 18, 2008

We Just Can't Post It

One of the fun things the staff has been doing lately is come up with creative headlines for the reader-board on the Seattle Daly's sign. Being a creative staff, the sayings aren't always... shall we say, 'tasteful'. The challenge is to use a C2 Paint or Daly's Products reference in the headline.

So in that spirit, here is my favorite saying that you WON'T be seeing on the Daly's sign:

We Don't Take "Shiitake" From Nobody

See what I mean?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting Ready for LoVo

This past weekend I had the opportunity to tour the paint factory where C2 Paint's LoVo will be made. LoVo is C2's Low-VOC offering - set to launch around Earth Day in April.

From my perspective, one indicator that I'm probably in the right business is that I was actually looking forward to watching paint being made! Yes, that's right up there with watching paint dry in some people's book, but this was cool.

This factory, located in Massachusets, was even designed with input from MIT. As I understand it, it is considered a no-waste facility - meaning they utilize, recycle and incorporate every ingredient that enters the plant into the products they produce. Truely state of the art facilities, and really- if we are going to the effort to make quality, environmentally sound product, it just stands to reason that the facility should operate under the same guiding principles.

They even have a dust collecting system, so that any particulates that aren't blended into an architectural coating are recollected and used in industrial products. They use the dust in air!

Made me feel good to know that LoVo is in good hands. And, no, you can't make any snarky comments on the 'stylish' safety glasses!