Thursday, October 30, 2008

Speaking of Color: Men Drawn to Women in Red | Science Blog

Color perception is an interesting thing. The fact that a simple color can change your perception of someone without being conciously aware of the fact - interesting. I know that red rooms affect you, too. Red walls encourage more alchohol to be consumed, and time passes faster. That's why red dining rooms are not only lovely to look at, but great for entertaining and encourages guests to linger over dessert.

I suppose if you are looking for a mate (or just a hot date) this information below can come in handy. I'm not saying that the idea of manipulating a man is somthing that should be encouraged... but if the red dress fits, wear it!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Would You Like To See What It's Like To Be Color Blind?

Do you know anyone who is color blind? Have you wondered how they see things compared to you? I just learned of this website that simulates color blindness. You can even try it using your own images.

I Saw it Again

One of the things we have always said about C2 Paint is that it's formulations create colors that are 'luminous'. Well. What does that mean?

Yesterday I went to a client's rather large home that is perched on a steep hill overlooking Puget Sound. The house was a very dated pukey-beige (for lack of a better description), and the clients were looking for a more sophisticated scheme. We found a color that bridges between a rich gray and saddle brown. I got to see the final results yesterday, and it is really true. The color possesses a luminosity - almost a shimmer. It plays with the changing light conditions, picking up different characteristics over the course of the day.

It also made the house feel very up-to-date and fresh.

How does a simple paint do this? A lot had to do with how the color is formulated. Lets say you want to make a brown. In the world of paint, you can get there in more than one way. You can create a formulation that uses the fewest number of colorants (or pigments) or you can make it a bit more complex by using more colorants to add up to the same color. The more colorants, the more play with changing light conditions. This is a bit simplified, but the basic concept is there.

And it makes a difference to the eye. You actually perceive the color differently. I love it when paint become more than just 'paint'. It is not a static film, but a mutable tool that can highlight and evolve. Pretty soon I'm going to think that house paint is poetic, so I'd better stop for all of our sakes... (But the house looked very pretty in the light!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Exterior Painting in the Northwest - aka Is it Too Late to Paint My House???


That being said, of course not. Can both statements be true at the same time? Sort of...

If you are contemplating getting the whole house repainted before the rainy season, it is most likely TOO LATE. If you need to squeeze in a touch-up area or two, go for it.

A lot has to do with the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature. Today for example, is currently misty with a rainy afternoon approaching. But tomorrow and Wednesday should be clear, so that means some good last minute exterior painting weather.

Ideally it should be at least 55 degrees and dry. What happens when its not as dry? It takes the paint film a lot longer to cure (softer paint film, more difficult to add that 2nd coat). And we don't want you painting in the direct rain - it could wash off.

By mid-October you should be finishing up your projects outside - just in time to head indoors and repaint the dining room for the holidays!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Recently we moved to a new home, and I've been thinking about what to do in my daughter's room. For some reason, painting the walls seems a bit bland and predictable. I've been toying with wallpaper.

Now, most people don't even think of papering anymore. I think we have this image in our heads that wallpaper is old fashioned and worse, difficult to handle.

The last time I hung paper, I was seven months pregnant and yes, it was challenging going up and down the ladder all day. I don't necessarily suggest that as a decorating plan (however, it's equally difficult to stand in the way of a woman who is nesting!). Swollen ankles aside, the results were very pretty - and impossible to achieve with paint alone.

Now we are in a very contemporary home, and so the idea of wallpaper takes on a different tone. Unless you are aiming for design irony (a trend I find interesting. Usually pursued by people in their 20's who never lived through the era they are exploring), wallpaper in a contemporary space can veer into 1970's-land unless there is very careful planning.

I have been in too many homes that were plastered with paper from the 70's (a very good decade for both disco and flocked paper) that all we want to do now is rip it off. A sort of horrid fascination with the tastes of the day linger around, sort of like a bad hangover.

Back then, the more paper, the better. And one room did not necessarily have anything to do with any other room. Patterns could be wildly different. And bold. Nowadays, we tend to 'flow' with our colors - not so much then.

In my daughters case, I want to use the wall treatment to create a sense of openness and airiness. Plus she's a very modern girl with her own developed style (how'd she get that at seven?). Whatever we decide, I know that while walls will never do! Or pink. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Just Added A Couple Things to the Blog

I have no idea who all of you are... but I just added this "Followers" gadget on the sidebar of the blog. It would be fun to see you too, so add yourself! While I can't make you do it, how sad if NOBODY did (sniff, sniff!).

Also, I've added a video that will probably be interesting only to C2 Paint partners, but you can see for yourself why we are unique in the paint industry. Uh.... yeah, 'unique' should cover it!

So Much is Happening Right Now

And I don't mean the tanking economy... and although the economy is cause for concern, decorating must go on!

So to enable our Eastside clients in their design pursuits, we are in the midst of negotiating a lease for a new store in Bellevue. Did you know that there's been a Daly's on the same block since 1961? That's a long time. We've relocated 3 different times since then, but always on the same block. Way back when (or so I've been told...), there were 5 different paint and decorating stores within a 3 block radius.

Both the industry and the neighborhood have changed. Many of our earlier competitors are gone and downtown Bellevue is COMPLETELY different. Where there was once a small outdoor mall, there is Bellevue Square. Arby's is now the location for a huge apartment complex. Safeway - gone. Etc, etc, etc... The face of downtown Bellevue is lovely, cosmopolitan and simply no place for a paint & decorating store these days.

But far from being upset at the prospect of moving, we are so excited! We will be moving near some great retailers like Pande Cameron, Ambiente Tile, Fireside Hearth & Home, ecohaus and others. So shopping will be more convenient with more options in the neighborhood. Even more paint stores (but we won't go into THAT!)

Once we get the legal paperwork out of the way, I will let you know where we will be located, and I'll be giving you regular updates on our build out. We are estimating the new store to be up and running around May 2009.