Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sophie the Stylish Daly's Dog!

Sophie the Dog comes in to work a couple days a week with her human Courtney. So when it was time to order spring shirts for everyone, of course she was included!
Sophie has three different Daly's outfits, so she can mix it up a bit depending upon her mood.

C2 LoVo Fun

I wast to share a couple cool C2 LoVo pix of my friend Mark Robinson's new Smartcar for Robinson's Paint & Wallpaper in Collington, Ontario.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LoVo Your Walls!

Just a few weeks ago, C2 Paint introduced LoVo - luxurious Low VOC paint.

It has all the features and benefits of the premium C2 paint; it's available in all 496 colors, it's infinitely customizable (custom colors are even available in 16 oz. Sampler pots), it has the unique color system that nobody else uses in North America, 18x24" Ultimate Paint Chips made from real paint, etc, etc, etc. - and now these colors are available in Low-VOC. How cool is that?

I am so excited to report that LoVo now constitutes 24% of our interior paint sales. And in only 10 days of sales. Who doesn't want to feel good about doing good? And look good at the same time?

I See Orange Everywhere

Orange. It must be the new 'hot' color - bright, knock-your-socks-off orange.

I stopped at the University Village this morning (I am ADDICTED to Jamba Juice smoothies, and I seem to need one for breakfast at least twice a week) (They are so good!) (I like them for lunch, too), and the display designers over at Crate and Barrel were busy painting some window walls orange.

"Hmmm...", I thought. "Who knew?"

I remember when orange was the color of change at Nordstrom a few years ago, and it kinda flopped. It's Clinique's Happy perfume, too.

Then I noticed that the outdoor umbrellas (the U-Village is a high-end outdoor shopping mall) on tables scattered about were also, guess what, orange. And, the awnings on another storefront. Thank goodness the Apple store had a display that featured a pink flower - must be a hangover from Mother's Day.

I do think orange is a color of excitement and newness. It says 'let's mix it up and be different'. No more staid, boring burgundy! Or safe navy. Or bankerly green. Nope, orange.

I like that we can communicate through color - as I've said before, it's a language we all speak. Personally, I wouldn't invest in large orange objects or even clothing that I plan to keep for long periods of time. I would use the color in changeable items, like placemats, scarves or accent pieces. Unless of course you are Jamba Juice, and you want to keep it fresh!