Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Almost-For-Certain-Probable (We Hope!) Store Opening Date is Set: May 26th

What a roller-coaster ride it is to relocate a store. Of course, our 'perfect' location required a change-of-use with the City of Bellevue - to the uneducated, that means more permits. Previously, the space housed a Safeway Training Center. Our use is retail, not office, so the changes need to be very carefully addressed.

I never knew it could take sooooo many different permits to get a place remodeled. However, we are almost through that knothole, and it looks like we are getting so close to having everything signed-off that this move might actually happen.

The fire alarm installers (also known as The Major Holdup In The Project) are finishing today, maybe even with their final tests. Then we get the Bellevue Fire Department in for final inspection, then the Building Inspector, then we can close up the ceiling in the warehouse and start moving in product.

Luckily, we are hiring a moving company to help with the project and it's a multi-day gig. I can already tell it is going to be well worth the inve$tment!!!

It look like this Memorial Day weekend will be very memorable for Daly's.