Monday, November 30, 2009

Facebook | Daly's Paint & Decorating - Quick spruce-up Tip from Daly's

Here's a quick spruce-up tip from our Daly's Facebook page:

Facebook Daly's Paint & Decorating: " In-laws coming? Uninspiring guest room? Blah bathroom? Here's my favorite spruce-up trick...The Feature Wall. Instead of repainting an entire room, find a lovely color and paint it on one wall only. This is a great way to create a focal point (and a favored trick to redierect the eye from flaws in the room) and it adds... a fresh look without too much effort. (I'm all about avoiding TOO MUCH EFFORT during the holidays!)"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Evolution of a Paint Store

This spring we moved from Downtown Bellevue (where we have been since 1961) over to the Northup neighborhood. We looked for almost 2 years before we found the right place to call 'home'. But it was worth the wait!

We love our new digs and our new neighbors. What we weren't sure about was how moving a business that had been on the same corner since 1978 would transpire.

Luckily, no major disasters occurred. Well - we lost one of our tint machines because the movers tipped it over while unloading it. Oops.

But we kept our sense of humor and got the new store up and running. The worst part? Cleaning up 30+ years of crusty tint room build-up in the old place!