Monday, October 06, 2008

So Much is Happening Right Now

And I don't mean the tanking economy... and although the economy is cause for concern, decorating must go on!

So to enable our Eastside clients in their design pursuits, we are in the midst of negotiating a lease for a new store in Bellevue. Did you know that there's been a Daly's on the same block since 1961? That's a long time. We've relocated 3 different times since then, but always on the same block. Way back when (or so I've been told...), there were 5 different paint and decorating stores within a 3 block radius.

Both the industry and the neighborhood have changed. Many of our earlier competitors are gone and downtown Bellevue is COMPLETELY different. Where there was once a small outdoor mall, there is Bellevue Square. Arby's is now the location for a huge apartment complex. Safeway - gone. Etc, etc, etc... The face of downtown Bellevue is lovely, cosmopolitan and simply no place for a paint & decorating store these days.

But far from being upset at the prospect of moving, we are so excited! We will be moving near some great retailers like Pande Cameron, Ambiente Tile, Fireside Hearth & Home, ecohaus and others. So shopping will be more convenient with more options in the neighborhood. Even more paint stores (but we won't go into THAT!)

Once we get the legal paperwork out of the way, I will let you know where we will be located, and I'll be giving you regular updates on our build out. We are estimating the new store to be up and running around May 2009.