Friday, March 10, 2006

Had a "Don" Good Time

I am recovering from an intense few days of great meetings at the fabulous Don CeSar Resort in sunny St. Pete Beach, FL. The reason I flew across the whole country was not really for the sun (which admittedly was nice), but to be with my paint posse . Quite honestly, after a couple hours by the pool, I'm done with the relaxing part. Besides, I think I increase the light reflectancy value (there's some paint terminology for you) for everyone else around me.

I love the opportunity to spend 5 days talking exclusively about my passion - being an independent paint retailer with like-minded folks. I know, I know, it sounds REALLY interesting...

What you've got to understand is that we don't just sell this brand of paint, we all own a part of the company. Think of a co-op; but with business stakes that make it feel like a marriage or partnership with 50 (and growing) of your closest friends. It's a heady experience.

I remember when we had less than 12 partners, and that wasn't very long ago.

I did finally make it to the beach at about midnight on the last night of the trip. But at that hour of the evening, it felt more like Seattle than St. Pete's. The sand is so velvety between my toes and the water is so blue... Maybe there is a bit of a beach babe lurking inside of me.

Mary, another of my C2 partners, came up with a great color name: Eye Candy. Sounds like a clean, mid-value blue undertone pink to me. See... it never stops, even with the temptations of the resort!

Speaking of temptations - what a colorful bunch of partners I have. I think our whole partnership is really a great collection of alpha males - men and women. We represent Best in Class of our business, and that makes for some intriguing exchanges between people.

What other group of friends can I go out on "Date Nite with Harry" and be accompanied by 20 "Chaperones" to make sure nothing happens between me and my date (and yes, my husband is fully aware of my Gentleman Caller!).