Monday, March 27, 2006

Harebrained Idea of the Day

Okay. I just googled "Interior Design Podcast" - not much out there. Hmmmm..... Perhaps Christian and I can create some fun content... Could be kind of cool!

Cabinet update: Chuck the contractor says we were the 2nd worst installation he's had the pleasure of working on (is this an honor I should be proud of?). Apparently there is no such thing as a plumb wall in my 1920's house. He planned for the install to take about 5 hours. Well, he and his brother arrived at 8am and left a bit after 6pm. And there are still more to go. As Christian says, "Have a plan, then be flexible".

Remember a few weeks ago I was complaining about our 1st Hate Mail? Life has a way of balancing out, and we got a truly lovely letter from a reader this weekend. Ironically, it was in response to our "Do's" column which was written to counteract the "Don'ts" column. The reader is actually going to read our column aloud at her club meeting on Tuesday. Nice!