Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Favorite New Colors

Last week I gave a talk to Cancer Lifeline Friends Committee about color - the physical effects of color and new color trends. The most interesting phenomenon that I observed is how energized we all became when we looked at the colors. Especially since my talk was given in a hospital meeting room that was painted a bland off-white - not very healing!

Here are some of my favorite new C2 Paint colors:
"Venus Envy" (okay, let me pause here and confess that I actually was allowed to name this one!) - sizzling hot fuscia
"Diva" - classic deep red
"Vixen" and "Temptation" - two pink-based reds
"Pillow Talk" - soft peach-pink
"Cutie" - even paler peach
"Impeccable" - one of my absolute favorites; deep coppery brown
"Al Green" - impossibly fresh green
"Urban Dweller" - is it greenish, is it beigish? It's a sophisticated neutral
"Bluetonium" - it's a good blue... not too grey, not to intense
"Death by Chocolate" - yum!
"Luxe" and "Vicuna" - two perfect neutrals
"Final Straw" - might be my new living room color
"Paper Clip" - a grey that I actually like!