Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wacky Weather

I am so discombobulated from all the snow days, I thought it was the 11th and not the 17th! Where did all the days go? I mean, I was truly shocked it was the 17th today!

January is a slow time of year in the paint store world, but it's my busy time. It's the only time I can get our store and department managers together for planning the upcoming season plus there is a lot of work going on for C2 Paint. Oh, and that darn school auction is happening in 2 months! While that seems far away, it's actually screaming upon our heels.

Christian and I are strategizing ideas for taking our Design Files concept to a new level. We have over 75 columns in the can, but what should we do in addition to our newspaper gig? How can we best leverage our experience and make this thing even we have together even more fun?