Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do I Feel Corrected?

Okay - Just yesterday I was complaining about the orange-based red clothing options for women. Or lack of options, as the case may be.

Last night, I was watching a recap if the SAG Awards on E! (see how deep my life is?), and many of the red gowns were in that same red!

So, should I feel corrected? Am I that out of touch?

Actually, I love the earthy oranges, the flame colors, salmons and other orange textiles. It's just that damn tomato-red for women that I don't like. So there!

By the way, I LOVED Cate Blanchett's golden gown and gold-trimmed shoes. TASTY!

Remember the 80's and early 90's colors? Peacock Blue, Fuscia Pink, Drop Dead Red - basically any color that was bright and loud. I remember silk was a big trend with huge shoulder pads and peplum skirts.