Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I love our Readers

A couple of weeks ago, Christian and I published a Favorites survey. People have been filling out the newspaper form and mailing them in! Also, they can go online and fill it out - it's very interesting to see what people are thinking. You can really tell what neighborhood they come from simply by looking at the favorite stores they list.

Radio fav's range from NPR to oldies. Cleaning products go from vinegar to homemade with essential oils (I'm always so impressed with people who can take the time to craft things like that!) to high-end products like Calderra. We've had more than one shout-out for Dove as favorite soap! I think a standout answer is to the category of Housecleaner: "You never indulge this info!"

I'm not sure how we'll publish the answers, it should be interesting!