Monday, April 10, 2006

Eating in the Basement is Getting Old

The kitchen remodel is getting into the drag-on phase. It no longer feels like we're camping out in the basement. Now cooking in the utility room and eating at the coffee table in the TV room just feels annoying.

All whining aside, the countertops are getting installed on Wednesday! So, progress is happening, it just feels so sloooooooooow.

The GREAT PAINT DEBATE is winding down as well. Apparently this Princess of Paint cannot choose her own paint colors! How ironic is that? I almost resorted to a beige, but good sense kicked in with plenty of time to spare. What will we end up using? I dunno yet! We had a change of plans with our tile backsplash which put the paint color into nowhere-ville.

Tile is back on track (almost!), and then we will settle on paint. We have probably tried 6 different paint colors, 5 of then various tints of the same green. Once the counters are in, we must commit to tile and paint. Yet another case of impending deadline being a wonderful motivator.

Over and Out until Wednesday.