Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Earth Day and Daly's

Saturday, the 22nd was Earth Day and the Friends of Cowan Park chose that day for a park project.

In the Roosevelt neighborhood many local residents have adopted Cowan Park, trying to keep it clean and family friendly. They have even partnered with the Roosevelt Starbucks to help maintain it and have received some park grants from them.

On Saturday, a large mural was painted behind the cable swing (which many children LOVE) on a wall that has been hit numerous times with graffiti. If there is graffiti present, it encourages more of the same. If it is covered quickly it discourages the taggers. Best of all is when there is a mural in place - because they are largely left alone. Not only that, but it looks better too!

Daly's donated all the lovely bright paint colors for the project. Many people participated in painting the mural, so it was a great group effort.

Kudos to the Friends of Cowan Park! What a great community.

I'll add photos as soon as I get them.