Friday, April 14, 2006

Colors and Classes

Next week I'm giving a lunch presentation to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce on how to use color to create a better selling environment. I think I'll talk about color trends, how "coffeehouse" colors have influenced us all and the different effects each color has on us emotionally. Should be fun!

I am going to San Francisco at the beginning of May to help our 3 new C2 partners get rolling with C2 paint in their stores. My New England partners Harry and Shaun are also going. We will give a class to the staff and an invitation-only designer presentation at the Design Within Reach Store in SanFran.

Kitchen update: Counter are installed! It's interesting to watch the process. Those rocks are heavy, no doubt.

We finally settled on the tile for the backsplash. Unfortunately, it will delay the completion by two weeks, due to the order time. Rats! But I'd rather have a slight delay now and get the right material then to live with the wrong choice for years to come.