Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Neat-O Blog mention!

Today is my first official day back from vacation (although I snuck off to Chicago for a 1 nite C2 meeting last week). The in-box isn't toooooo bad, considering.

Found a neat design blog today that speaks about color trends using C2 Paint: - I love it! Plus, grey is one of my fav's right now. Hard to believe I'd feel that way again after the grey and mauve 80's... I think I spent most of the 90's "beiging" out the 80's, come to think of it!

Speaking of grey, while in Chicago I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. The spacious rooms are painted an interesting shade of rosy/plum gray - I liked it a lot. It's actually a pretty strong color, not pastel or washed-out. So it made a great statement and was a calming foil to all the rock and roll iconography scattered around the hotel. Plus it looked great with all the chrome (it's the 70's again, baby!!!).

My one complaint - most of the sofas in that joint were UNCOMFORTABLE! How's a girl to strike a pose if she's not sitting pretty?