Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Customer Feedback

It's letters like this that make our day...

Dear Robin,
I am wondering if you could pass on my sincere thanks to one of your employees, Larry Wales, who literally saved my day last weekend. I had spilled some purple paint on a van floor that I was borrowing and was in a panic trying to get it off. I pulled into Daly’s and asked if anyone could advise me, thinking this was a lost cause. Larry Wales leaped up and confidently attacked the paint splotch, removing it completely! And all he asked was that I buy Daly’s paint in the future. Which of course, I will do!

You are lucky to have such a cheerful, competent, NICE gentleman working at Daly’s.
P.C., via email

A lot of businesses talk about the value of Customer Service... this kind of feedback, especially during the crazy/busy summer months truly makes my day. It's not all just lip service to the idea of it.