Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway Finale

Did anyone else watch the Project Runway finale last night???

I had a sinking suspicion that Jeffrey would come out the winner. His punk attitude and approach gives his clothes a edgier personality.

BUT - I wanted to wear Laura's clothes! I really did. I wanted that swingy beading at the hem my cocktail dress. Not so much the feathers on the shoulders, but ohmygod the beaded evening gown with the acid green belt? LOVED IT! I wish she had kept the coat that she was working on in the episode where Tim visited her at home. I thought the color was so fresh, myself.

I was impressed with Uli's constrained use of palette and pattern. However I really was not fond of the combination of silver accents on the khaki-beige fabrics. Gick. I thought her choice of music was very fitting and supported the visuals.

Michael's clothes were too testosterone-based. A man's idea of what a "hot" woman would wear to show off her body. Thank God he didn't send that scary white shirt with the gold sequined pockets down the runway! It reminded me of those oversized shirts women wore with leggings in 1992!

The newspaper said that Seattle was one of the biggest markets for the show. Pretty funny considering our polarfleece reputation!