Thursday, October 12, 2006


Here is the benefit table that we created from our Thrift Store adventures. We called it "Camelot for Not-A-Lot". A wedding brunch for Jackie and John Kennedy.

- Thrift store pearls dripping from vintage champagne glasses
- One of the glasses was inscribes "Bride, another "Mother of the Bride"
- Classic 60's buffet plates
- Silverware with major patina
- Romantic rose petals (faux) tossed over the surface of the table
- Tons of polished silverplate dishes, platters, containers
- Pink tablecloths trimmed with black tassels
- Black and white wedding photos of Jackie and John at each placesetting

While we didn't win (rats!) we felt very good about our table. Unlike some other tables at the function, ours didn't look like a store display of current mechandise off the sales floor - we actually put some thought and creativity behind our presentation!

Our shameless splurge? We bought NEW tapers - the clearance ones we were originally planning to use were simply too ugly! And the champagne is real - it goes to the lucky winner who won a consultation with Christian and I... maybe she'll share!