Sunday, October 22, 2006


This painting class has gotten me to think about creativity in all sorts of ways (thus the Project Runway addiction!). Color, design, the act of actually creating versus just thinking about doing something.

So Friday was a stupendous Seattle fall day - so beautiful in fact that I just couldn't haul my behind into the gym after my painting class. Instead I decided to walk around Greenlake, Seattle's version of Central Park.

What a great idea this turned out to be. As I was just about ready to turn around and go home, I ran into someone that I hadn't seen for years and who has created living based on his creativity. He's Kim Hall, the older brother of a friend I had hung out with during my early years of college - back then I remember a musical instrument he made out of varying sizes of metal hip replacement joints. Visualize a xylophone-type instrument, and you start getting the picture of his sense of humor and creativity. As I recall, it actually sounded pretty good.

If you are from Seattle, you might recognize Kim from his bicycle that he regularly rides around Greenlake... He is perched about 5 feet off the ground, trust me, you can't miss him! I still haven't figured out how he gets atop that thing.

Check out Kim's website for a shot of inspiration on a scale a bit larger than most of us operate within... Pretty cool stuff...

One more thing - his official job title - "big important sculptor".