Monday, July 21, 2008

Hammerite Question

A former Daly's customer emailed me today from Hawaii - her local paint store wasn't giving her the answer she was looking for, so she emailed us.

She wants to know if she can combine 2 different colors of Hammerite to make a custom color. Hammerite is this great direct to metal, rust covering, thick as a milkshake paint that has a hammered metallic look. I did a little digging, and the Hammerite United Kingdom website says its not recommended. But no reason given as to why not!

My guess it that is has to do with the metallic particles suspended in the paint not inter-mixing very well. But now I want to know why!?! (And the rebel in me wants to do it anyways, and see what happens)

Ah. Living life on the decorating edge...