Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feedback Frenzy

I just LOVE feedback from our great customers!!!!:

"Just wanted to thank your company for always being so responsive in sending me paint supplies when I ordered over the internet. Your website is very well laid out. Also, the people at Daly's have been very courteous and helpful when I have called. Today, I just wanted to get a little advice on color choices for C2 paint, and Nedra was very kind and very helpful in helping me. Actually, I guess that I wanted some assurance from an expert that I was not too off base in the choices that I have already made. I feel much better after talking with Nedra.

Normally, I do not like to take people's valuable time, but I do feel better for calling.
It is amazing how the desire to find the right paint colors can become almost an obsession. However, it is so important, because the choices will impact the quality of my home environment. In any event, your company made the adventure a little smoother.

Good luck in the continued success of your business."

I have to agree - finding the right color EASILY can move one into the obsessive category. But that's totally okay, it just shows us how important our home and surroundings are. I have always said that color is a universal language that we ALL speak (granted, some people have different accents) so it makes sense that finding the right color becomes important to the home improvement project.

Speaking of home improvement projects, one of the new terms I have seem bandied about lately is "Stay-cation". In other words, you stay near home for vacation instead of traveling. I wonder if anyone sees painting projects as a desirable stay-cation activity? Hmmmm...

I few days ago, I was poetically (if you can call it that) praising Krud Kutter for it's performance. Apparently the folks at Krud Kutter found the blog post, and they liked it too. While I'm pretty sure I'll keep my day job and leave the world of poetry to those who actually posses some degree of wordsmithing skill, it was great fun to receive a letter from them (and the handy cup koozies/t-shirts!). Thanks Peter and Allison at Supreme Chemicals of Georgia!