Friday, June 27, 2008

An Ode to Krud Kutter

A single squirt is all it takes
To make me look like I worked all day
Painting woodwork, walls and doors
When what I really did was sponging chores
Smeared with fingerprints, dust and grime
Getting the house on the market, who has the time?

Step in Krud Kutter, tho spelled so wrong
It makes we want to bust into song!
Non-toxic - and biodegradable to boot
It makes my house look good and it’s good for me, too
A favorite tool to rely upon
My secret weapon to help me along

My only wish, if truth be told
Is that it be packaged in a style less bold
Perhaps add a scent to make me happy
While I slog through the grime that looks so crappy
But branding aside, I’ve one final thought
I really love Krud Kutter a lot!