Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Great Daly's Customer Feedback!

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from our fabulous customers about their positive experiences with our staff. Here are a couple quotes from two letters that arrived yesterday (Two in one day! How cool is that?!?!?!)

This one is about Richard Cunnington, one of our Seattle designers:
"He listens so well, gives advice thoughtfully, is practical, unpretentious and, most importantly, enthusiastic, fun and positively brimming with good ideas.
Actually, we miss seeing him! We'll have to find another project!"

I think we shall have to start calling him 'Saint Richard'!

Here's another excerpt from a letter praising Bill Davis, our Seattle Contractor Sales manager:
"I recently experienced incredible follow through and service at your store."..."I wish to thank Bill for his attentiveness and assistance. Bill's approach and expertise exemplifies what I expected when I went to Daly's. I always prefer to do business with a local store like Daly's and felt comfortable going there based on a recommendation from my contractor"

That's high praise, indeed.