Monday, January 07, 2008

Off and Running with 2008

It's been a busy time.

In the world of retail paint sales, this is definitely the slow time of year (take note: if you don't like to wait in line, now is the time to come by). But behind the scenes, we are a busy company.

Housekeeping issues are addressed - We are FINALLY getting rid of the 1980's wallpaper in the reception area of the Seattle store! Goodbye 'varicose vein' marbleized vinyl! While it was a soothing peachy thing with soft violet and green veining, we aren't gonna miss ya. At all.

Instead the walls are being painted 'Beachbum' and 'Sea Salt'. Tasty and updated.

My husband Daren officially started his new role at at Daly's last week. While we have co-owned the company for a good eight years, he is now here on a daily basis to help us grow. He comes to Daly's with a lot of experience in finance and operations, so it will be interesting to see how we will apply these skills to our own little universe.

And, yes, for those who are curious, I am THRILLED he is here. We have complimentary skills, not competing. And combined with our partner Herb's experience (about 50 years at the company) and Daren's financial acumen, I think we will be creating some fun momentum in the future.

Bellevue, where our other store is located is rapidly changing. We are looking to relocate the store in the near future. I'll keep you posted as we learn more...

I took a little trip for C2 Paint in December. NYC at Christmastime. Pretty sights and very cold!