Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I just wrote paragraphs - PARAGRAPHS! - waxing rhapsodic about how my life is so great 'cause I am involved in my 3rd generation family biz, helping to develop C2 Paint on a national scale and best of all, my great family life. Then, boom. I accidentally navigated away from this page without saving anything.

Gone. All gone. Sniff-sniff.

Rats. So earlier, in the posting that I mistakenly evaporated, I was chatting about this new seaside community I visited this weekend called Seabrook. They are literally developing a town along my favorite stretch of Washington beach... it's a "green" community, they even use the trees they harvest off the land and convert them into building materials for the new homes. Hmmmm...... I wonder if they need some fabulous Daly's Wood Finishing Products for their siding? We make a GREAT exterior stain.

What is really cool, besides the nature of the town, is there is renewal occurring all along the coastline. It's like this area is waking up and being rediscovered. Properties are priced at a premium in Seabrook (starter cottages - 770 sq.ft. - goes for $400k!! And NO beach view.), and there is already $pillover in other towns. Ultimately, I think this is a good thing, because Gray's Harbor County is a rather depressed area of the state (read: spotted owl/logging saga), so an influx of $$$ hopefully will help the economy there. And luckily for those of us who aren't in the $400k range for a vacation home, there are other properties available at more "affordable" rates. Of course, these other properties don't have the charm of a New England seaside town, but one gets over it!

I love the beach. While we were there, it was stormy, overcast, sunny, rainy and just all-around great. We had hot chocolate with marshmallows. Drank lots of wine. What more can you ask?