Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Power of Paint

Here in the Northwest, we are still recovering from a MASSIVE power outage that occured last week. Reports are now saying that 1.5 million households were without power. It was kinda stormy.

This is something I wouldn't have been able to guess:
People will come into a paint store looking to buy product - even if there is no electricity in that store! Not only that, but they will try to choose paint colors in the dark.

Our Bellevue store was only down for a day, luckily, but even so, we had a smattering of traffic. To sell paint, you need electricity to tint and shake the stuff. On Friday (day of no power), we actually sold white primer and white paint - only color where you DON'T need power!

I don't know if they thought they might try and kill a few hours by painting at home, since there was nothing else to do.... but it was too cold even for that.

Our production factory flooded in a major way. There was nothing to do (besides unplug everything) except wait until the storm subsided. Water was literally GUSHING in from a drain spout. Water covered the complete basement floor. Thankfully, our finished goods are stored on palettes and raised shelves, they escaped unharmed.

Here is our factory clean-up crew - don't they look good in their matching rain boots?