Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Getting Ready for the Holidays

I can't believe this.... I am actually considering purchasing 2 FAKE topiary-like pre-lit Christmas trees for the front porch! I have a tough time with artificial/fake/faux - whatever you want to call it, I like REAL.

But, these two 4' trees are kinda cool. Plus they'd dress up the front door. I'll let you know if I actually do it. It depends on how they look in the store.

Speaking of real - we purchased our two Christmas trees last weekend. One for the family room, stuffed with kid decorations and the other for the living room with all types of crystal ornaments, birds and ephemera.

Yes, I'm picky about the trees (is this really a shock?). They have to be noble fir, the boughs are strong and there is room for ornaments to dangle between branches. I am a white light or single colored light fan, the multiple-colored lights are a concession for the family room - but even I admit they add a festive air to the kid tree!

Let the season glow.