Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Doing Good Feels Good!

Daly's and Pratt & Lambert Paint are involved in not one, but two local projects in our community:

Thornton Creek Elementary, a Seattle public school, received new flooring and window shades from the district - but guess what? The new floors made the walls look extra dingy. Our superheros at Pratt & Lambert stepped in and graciously donated the paint! The school parents volunteered their time and efforts to apply the paint, and now the school is sparkly bright and ready for the new school year.

The University Heights Community Center building is the recipient of a United Way project where they have 80 volunteers for a day, but needed about 100 gallons of paint to keep those volunteers busy. Again, our friends at Pratt & Lambert stepped in and donated a substantial amount of paint, and for the balance of the project gave them a great deal on the rest.

So, if you have a minute, check out Pratt & Lambert's website. It is so nice to see a national company giving on a local level and participating in the community where they sell their wares.

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