Friday, September 05, 2008

Had a Great C2 Moment Last Night

Yesterday I was on a color call and we were creating an exterior color scheme for a house built in the early 1900's. The facade has lots of fun detail to play with; stucco, lap siding and tons of trim. It's going to look great.

As I was walking down the street back to my car, I noticed a very attractive house. The color wasn't dark or moody, but light while still looking rich. It just so happened that the owners were standing outside, and I couldn't resist complementing them on it.

The first thing out of his mouth, "Have you heard of this paint company C2?"

I held up my C2 Designer Kit, still in my hands from the color call, and said "I am C2!"

"The color is C2's Outback"

"No way!" (It looks completley different outside)

They were very gracious, gave me the Grand Tour of the house (great art, fabu kitchen and great paint colors!) and were even kind enough to send me photos of their home. How cool is that?