Thursday, March 08, 2007

Funny Phone Call

Okay, so it takes someone in the color world to think this is funny - but - we received a phone call earlier this week from a customer who wanted to speak to Donald Kaufman. At our store. Like he was a Daly's employee.

Get it? THE Donald Kaufman??

Alright, if you are looking at this entry, saying to yourself "Huh? WHO is she talking about, and why is that so funny???", let me explain.

Donald Kaufman has made a name for himself as being a color GOD. He deals in full-spectrum colors and he sells his special formulations for a premium price. He's good at keeping them exclusive, too. Plus he's published some very tasty books on full-spectrum colors.

So, the staff got a kick when the call came in. How flattering to think he might be one of us!

Here's the real Donald: