Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Holding Down the Fort at the P.I. - Homeshow-Style

Homeshows are interesting... There is such a cross-section of people who come to these things, and many of them certainly provide an entertaining floor show. When it was slow, I had fun looking at people's outfits. Frankly, we are a sloppy people.

My favorite visitors were the ones who told me stories about their paper delivery days from long ago. One man told me of when he was 10 years old, and there was the biggest snowstorm happening, but he knew that delivering papers was his primary responsibility - well one of his customers found him in the snow literally freezing to death. Times have changed. I can't imagine letting my son out alone every morning at that age to deliver papers!

So, I was in the P.I. booth yesterday afternoon, sharing our Saturday "@ home" section, pointing out our weekly column - but frankly most people were interested in the Wonder Cutter (coupon cutter) that we were giving away! That's good for bring one down a notch... It was fun meeting people who actually read our column. And someone even told me I look thinner in person! Love her!

Christian and I will both be in the P.I. booth on Thursday the 16th from noon to 2pm.